Here are some great downloadable bridal shower games. These bridal shower games should print and copy for you very well. You are free to print and copy them as much as you wish however you cannot post them on another website or offer them up for sale. These games are provided by

  • Design a Wedding Gown Game - In this bridal shower game guests try to design a beautiful bridal gown using only rolls of toilet paper.
  • Guess How Many Game - A classic game of guessing how many items are in a jar. You can use jelly beans, jordan almonds, cotton balls, just about anything. The guest at the bridal shower than comes closest to the answer wins the jar.
  • How do I love thee? - This Bridal Shower Game requires you to interview the groom. You can use the included questionaire. Then, you put the bride on the spot by asking her to see if she knows how the groom would answer. This bridal shower game is similar to the newlywed game and is tons of fun.
  • The Many Thanks Raffle - Save the bride-to-be a ton of time with this method. Bring a bunch of blank thank-you notes to the bridal shower along with a raffle gift. This method will have the bride smiling afterward.
  • The Memory Game - This classic bridal shower game has been around since the begining of bridal showers.
  • A Recipe For A Successful Marriage - Have everyone contribute advice while filling up a recipe box for the bride. Right now she will probably take the advice seriously but 10 years from now she can laugh what everyone wrote.
  • The ABC's of Marriage Game - Here is another set of ready-made forms that you can print out before the bridal shower. These games from really make this process easier.
  • A Wedding Related Word Scramble - This wedding themed word scramble will keep your guests entertained. Just print them out.
  • A Wedding Word Search - We even have a word search. Be warned though, we like to trick you by putting words in the word search backward, diagonally, and all sorts of ways.
  • What The.... Game - This game will sort out the true domestic goddesses from the rest of us.
  • What Was She Wearing Game - Another quiz-style game that focuses attention on the bride-to-be.
  • What is in a Name Game - Sometimes some fun words can be found in the letters that make up a new couple's names. This game will have everyone trying to find those combinations.
  • Who Am I Game - This game is a great ice-breaker. If the bridal shower that you are planning will include a number of people that don't know one another choose this game.
  • Bridal Shower Bingo - You can print out bridal shower bingo cards from the website. They are free of charge and can be found here.