A free assortment of toasts and short speeches that are useful during the wedding process. You can use these for a toast at the Bridal Shower, Wedding Reception or even the Bachelorette Party. Maid of Honor Advice is proud to provide you with this assortment for free. The project was funded by Bachelorette.com.

Note: For wedding reception speeches, see our Speeches section. The ones here are much shorter.

  • Maid of Honor Toast 1 - Wedding Reception
    Best wishes to the happy couple on their wedding day. May your love for each other grow with each passing year and blossom into your own family.
  • Maid of Honor Toast 2 - Wedding Reception
    I’m so happy (bride) and (groom) found each other and fell in love. You two are a perfect match. Congratulations.
  • Maid of Honor Toast 3 - Wedding Reception
    (Bride) and (groom), always remember this special day. Remember how you feel right now. Let that feeling guide you through a long and happy life.
  • Maid of Honor Toast 4 - Wedding Reception
    Love is a feeling that’s hard to describe. But if I were ever asked, “what does love look like,” I would show a picture of the two of you on this day. I would like to propose a toast to the wonder of it all.
  • Maid of Honor Toast 5 - Wedding Reception
    Let us all raise our glasses and toast the bride and groom. To (bride) and (groom) and a long and happy life together.
  • Maid of Honor Toast 6 - Joking
    As (bride) becomes the old ball and chain and rental boy becomes her old man, we mourn the loss oftheir single lives and wish them luck as they take the plunge. Here is to (bride) and (groom).
  • Maid of Honor Toast 7 - Stressed Out
    You plan for months. You stress out over the smallest details. You drive everyone crazy. Because with a little luck and a lot of hard work, you’re wedding will be exactly as your mother imagined.
  • Maid of Honor Toast 8 - Bridezilla
    A toast to the bride who knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to ask for it. I hope your wedding day is perfect and your marriage is all that you dreamed.
  • Maid of Honor Toast 9 - Rehearsal Dinner
    No family stays the same. As it grows in number it also grows in strength. So it is with arms wide open and a warm feeling in our hearts that we welcome (bride or groom) to our family.
  • Maid of Honor Toast 10 - Toasting a Friend
    Of all the gifts that time and earth bestow, there is none so precious as a true friend. To my friend (bride), congratulations!
  • Maid of Honor Toast 11 - A Fun Toast
    A toast to love and laughter and happily ever after!
  • Maid of Honor Toast 12 - Another Fun Toast
    Here is to the the husband.
    Here is to the wife.
    May they remain lovers for life.
  • Maid of Honor Toast 13 - An Irish Reception
    Let us toast the health of the bride.
    Let us toast the health of the groom.
    Let us toast to the person that tied;
    Let us toast every guest in the room.
  • Maid of Honor Toast 14 - Another Poem
    May your joys be as deep as the ocean
    May your misfortunes be light as the foam.
  • Maid of Honor Toast 15 - Bachelorette Party
    My best wishes to you and (groom), the luckiest man alive for marrying this wonderful woman. Cheers!
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