Here are some tips on planning a bachelorette party. As you may or may not know, this site is supported financially by, the world's largest supplier of bachelorette party items. Here is their advice on planning a bachelorette party.

When to Host a Bachelorette Party - Bachelorette parties have become popular recently because wedding events have become so formal. If the guest list for the bridal shower included more than close friends it is probably a good idea to plan some bachelorette party activities. The bride will be busy during the weeks before her wedding. You are your close friends will want to get on her calendar in advance.

What makes a bachelorette party different from a bridal shower? - A bachelorette party is a much less formal affair. The guest list does not require the invitation of parents, relatives, or anyone. It is a time for the bride's closest friends to go out and celebrate her big night of being single. A bachelorette party honors the bride without requiring anything of her. She will welcome the break from the rigid requirements of bridal showers, rehearsal dinners, and the wedding planning.

Whom do I invite to the bachelorette party? The bride is required. The bridesmaids are probably also a sure thing. After that, you can invite as many or as few people as you want. We would suggest inviting only people that the bride is very comfortable with. Ask yourself "If the bride was to get really drunk who would be OK with it?". In most cases, the mother of the groom is out of the question. Even the mother of the bride might not be appropriate.

When should I hold the bachelorette party? It is probably best if the bachelorette party is held at least two weeks in advance of the wedding. Most people hold them after the bridal shower. This prevents people who were not invited from being angry at the shower.

Should I call it a bachelorette party or just a girl's night out? The term bachelorette party was invented because the night out is in response to guys having a bachelor party. If you think people might be offended by the prospect of a bachelorette party, just suggest a girl's night out. Decoupling the event from the wedding will be helpful in keeping people from feeling left out.

Weekend or Weekday? Weekend.

Stay in or go out? Most parties start at someone's place and then go out to a favorite bar or club.

Stripper? Most parties do not have a male stripper though some do.

What type of food should I serve at the bachelorette party? This is definitely one area where bachelorette parties and bridal showers differ. Standard bachelorette party fare includes items that are easily acquired and low effort. Think chips, veggie trays, a silly cake and having pizza delivered.

Should I serve drinks at the bachelorette party? Definitely. Pre-made cocktails will make the party a big hit. Most stores sell margarita, dacquiri, or cosmopolitan mixes that are as easy as can be. You can mix them in a drink pitcher and serve the gang. Adult drinking straws are extremely popular.

What do people do at a bachelorette party? For the most part it is just a fun night spent with friends. There are a number of game ideas on the website. You can find the bachelorette party game ideas here. Other activities include talking, drinking, dancing, hiring a limo., going to a show, a bar crawl, or visiting a favorite restaurant.

What is appropriate attire for a bachelorette party? Bar clothes. In other word's your cutest, trendiest outfit. Somewhat whorish but not too borish.

Who pays for the bachelorette party? We suggest using the same method that guys use for a bachelor party. It is not unusual for you to charge the guests. Use the money collected to pay for any food you serve, any entertainment you provide, decorations, gifts for the bride and any transportation you provide. If you are going out charge a little bit extra. The amount left over is called "the stag". Use it to purchase the bride's drinks during the evening. If you keep the amount requested to around $20-$50 per person and you provide them with drinks, fun and favors they will be more than happy.

More tips on throwing a great bachelorette party:

  • Arrange a designated driver, hire a limo, or call cabs. A DUI will ruin everything including the wedding.
  • Call ahead to wherever you are going to request a nice table or special treatment. Most bars and clubs know that bachelorette parties are good customers and will do something nice for your group or the bride.
  • Have a way to call attention to the bride. A bachelorette party veil, tiara or sash is a great choice. This is her big night, so all of the attention will make her feel special.
  • Purchase patterns on suggest that some peole want a clean party while other people want a filthy one. Rarely do the choices fall between the two. People want it either clean-clean or filthy-filthy. If the bride is pure, stay with a clean theme. If the bride isn't so pure, she'll probably get a kick out of being shocked.
  • Mail out bachelorette party invitations in advance. That way you can get on everyone's calendar and no one important will miss the festivities. Invitations also really set the theme and get people excited about attending.

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